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Jio Lucky Draw All India KBC Jio Lucky Winner


We are giving you information about Jio Lucky Draw. And you can find out the result of KBC Jio lucky draws And we’re showing all the numbers People have won the Jio Lottery. Then you can match your number Will let you know if you are a KBC Jio Lucky Winner or not. You can also check your and your friends’ lottery numbers That way you can avoid fraud.

KBC Jio Lottery Registration Charges

Winning Amount Jio Lottery Registration Charges Behind Time Lottery Validity Time
15,00,000 INR 15,000 15,000+10,000 3 Days
25,00,000 INR 25,000 25,000+15,000 5 Days
35,00,000 INR 35,000 35,000+20,000 7 Days
50,00,000 INR 45,000 45,000+25,000 10 Days

All KBC Jio lottery charges or late fees are shown here. If you are late, you may be late for lottery charges. If you do not receive lottery cash on time, your lottery will be canceled automatically. The lottery is back to the cash company. So, please take your lottery on time otherwise you may lose.

Jio Lucky Draw Fake Calls

Similarly, if you receive any fraudulent Calls or SMS, please do not give any of your personal details. So if you get any fake call, then if you have any interest, you can call the KBC Jio head office number and verify that the call is genuine or not. You can check your lottery online at the Lottery Head Office.

KBC Jio Head Office Number

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